At least 45 children die in Sri Lanka attack: United Nation

Geneva, Switzerland-
The United Nations said Tuesday, at least 45 of the 320 victims died in Sri lanka Sunday.

According to the UN Children's Fund (UNICEF) spokesman, Christopher Boulevard, told the media in Geneva, that there is a figure of about 32 out of 320 children killed in Sri Lanka attack.

UNICEF killed 27 people who died for prayer at the Neighborhood Saint Seventh Church of Sri Lanka and 10 others were injured. According to UNICEF, more than 18 people died during the same day in the other parts of the country, including explosions, attacks and races.

According to UNICEF's report, 13 children, including one child of the eastern city, Batticaloa, were killed. 40 children of die are indigenous and the remaining five foreign children have been reported by UNICEF.

20 children are being treated in capital Colombo while the injured are still undergoing treatment in the treatment room. UNICEF said that some of them were informed that the hospital was not at risk-free situation, according to the hospital.
According to the spokesperson of retail retail group bestseller, a three-year-old man of the four billion children of Denmark's Billionaire Anderson Holk Powlson, died in the incident.

The government has started researching the islamic group, National Tauhit Jamat on the front of the main doubt. - AFP

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