Netra Bikram Chand:- Police arrest, court proceedings

The government has ordered the ban on the dissolution group of Netrabikram Chand in 28 Falgun, "the police said." The arrest of the displaced groups should be arrested wherever I have met. "

Police Chief Head of Naksal, said that according to the unit, the unit around the world has circulated the leader of the dissident leader and worker. The police officials and activists of the blind opposition group are being arrested as police officially said that only the person involved in any incident will be arrested. That is why now 'Conflict' is going on between the police and the court.

If the police is suffering, the leader of the opposition, who is accused of not doing the above 'orders', says No Arrest, the court will leave.

Why not worry? Violence against the state is registered, but the proof is not valid. In some cases, even the smallest mistake made by the police, even the leaders of the displaced group, have been receiving immunity.

According to police, the police arrested Sun Bhujel on August 4 in connection with the incident, which was killed in a bomb blast due to the death of one person and three others injured in the Nakhu's  NCELL headquarters of Lalitpur. The team of metropolitan crime research team arrested him after 4 days of the incident.

But, SSP Ravind Singh Dhanuk, Lalitpur Police Complex, led the issue of issue against organized crime against Bhujel, who did not give pre knowledge, due to which the hard work of the supremacy took place. The court ordered the accused to leave Bhujel from the rape of captive custody, due to the case of unknown organized criminal offense.

However, the police arrested the Bhujel after being released on another issue. He is also the former guardian of the Netrabikram Chand.

Interesting incident occurred in Banke, police arrested Sena group leader Dan Bahadur Fadera, who was released on the basis of the retreat of the verification. The police sacked the office of Human Rights Commission, to retrieve the alias warrior. According to the claim, the team headed by DSP Ramesh Bahadur Singh of Kohlpur had tried to arrest Fedara after surrounded by the office.

However, DSP Singh claims that he is not present there, saying that the human rights commission office is not in Kohalpur but also in Nepalgunj. "There is District Police Office, SP  area, I do not have to go to Nepalgunj," Singh said .

According to DSP Singh, Fadera biplob, who is arrested in 12 Chitra, is the coordinator of the Bureau of Bureau. The police has a record of the military commander of the Virtual Group.

Police claim that he was very lively in the war against explosives. He is also an outsider, "said Singh." The arrest was arrested in Kailali against him involved in the incident, which was being carried out on the bus carrying a bus carrying a group called the ban on Nepal, Kanchanpur, and operated plain plain clothes, "he said.

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