A fire sign as big as Blink's house. Dragon is excited. "Lisa" press conference to join the famous show as "Mentor" #YouthWithLalisa

The atmosphere for the preparation of the jolly welcome With the trip to the press conference of "Lisa", the girl group of girl group "WhitePink" to join the famous Chinese show Idol Producer SS3 as a dance guru, with her mentor Knore, the first foreigner of the program.

After surprise the Blink army last year After the famous artist "Lisa-Lisa Manomanab", the only Thai K-pop singer from the group "BLACKPINK" preparing to join the famous show, searching for new idols #QingChunYouNi or Idol Produce SS3 in China as a mentor or dance trainer, "Lisa BLACKPINK" is also the first foreign mentor of this program.

The program has released a video clip of "Lisa BLACKPINK" in which "Lisa" has both Chinese and English, and "Lisa" revealed that The most important thing in dancing is how to look good and dance. And able to attract viewers while we are on stage. At the same time, the online world is also hashtag #LISA 年少 有 你 join in the joy and cheer for "Lisa BLACKPINK" continuously.

Before the press conference day (9 Jan 63), Chinese fans put together a picture of Lisa on a 62-inch LED sign at Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport on the day. 3-9 Jan, which the girl Lisa has traveled to China since January 6 ago. By showing Lisa's image on 82 LED 65-inch advertising screens on the 1st and 3rd floors of one building at Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, which has a huge number of passengers. To 69,7030,000 people. Lisa, who has seen the reception of Chinese fans I can only say one word that I am very happy and smiling. Oh, Chinese fans play so hard. Who is really not impressed?

Most recently, this morning (9 Jan 20), the awakening trend of Lisa's news conference at noon then came back to scorching bang again. Because the closer the time is The more fans release the atmosphere and prepared items for Mentor Lisa. Which each person and each house had been intending to do for a long time And brought to show off today Together to create a special hashtag to follow the news of the beautiful mentor, #LALISA, which ranks no.1 on the already popular hashtag.

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