Appeal by Hollywood celebrities for help, to prevent the burning of Australia,

Australia has been in grief since the devastating September fire. Many have lost their lives due to the outbreak of fire in different states.

Millions of wildlife have been claimed to have been killed. Australia's disaster-stricken community is sympathetic and appealing to assist in the search and rescue work. Hollywood celebrities have appealed to everyone in Australia to help with this disaster.

Hollywood celebrities Nicole Kidman, Pink, Hugh Jackman have also appealed for help in search and rescue. They have appealed through social networks to provide financial support to Australian organizations that support search and rescue operations.

Hollywood singer Pink has appealed for help by mentioning the names of various organizations. He said the local fire service will help $ 0.5 million. Similarly, Nicole Kidmaya, another celebrity from Australia, has said she will contribute $ 0.5 million.

Hollywood star Hugh Jackman also appealed for help by sharing photos.

Other Hollywood celebrities, Saaron Stone, Leonardo DiCaprio, Alan DeGeneres, have appealed for assistance by sharing the post of Greta Thornburg, the climate engineer and the 2019 person of the time.

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