How to be happy ? Simple Ways to Be Happy

What do we want in our life, what kind of life do we want? The question is general. The answer is also easy for us - happiness, peace, prosperity, happiness, healthy, love, happiness etc. We want to be filled with all of these things. We run after this for the rest of our lives. But today we are not getting what we want, nor are we looking for what we want. Another question arises - where are these things found? . We all say these things are in ourselves, in our own minds. In the heart, we are in ourselves, but we are looking, not finding - this is the reality today.

The happiness we seek is happiness. Seek peace, yes peace, seek happiness, anxiety, stress. Looking for a healthy patient. Love, joy are needed, hate and stress and unrest. What is needed is prosperity but a life that is always lacking. Why this is happening - happiness, peace, prosperity, happiness, healthy, love, happiness is inside the mind, then there is anxiety, disturbance, anxiety, stress, disease, hatred and lack of thought. We want happiness, happiness, happiness from others. That's not true. We have not been able to get what we want in our own heart. We do not recognize ourselves. Today's need is to be able to receive these things from within yourself. At every moment, in the context, in the place we should enjoy.

We have a tendency to cope with anxiety, stress, and grief in the present, without taking the pleasure out of it. People today are busy adding material possessions. A common man wants a watch in a good place, and after that he tells you to build a house. After having a home, adding a floor, a motorcycle, a car, an iPhone to a normal mobile… without having to enjoy the happiness that you have in the present, with the goal of such physical possessions, you can finally have a physical life. When you see someone who is richer, more wealthy, you become jealous and upset. I wish I could have done the same. Upon receiving it, then on top of it…. Just like that. When a woman with one toe jewelry sees the other three toes, then it is all that is needed.

In this way, memories of things that are not ours and what is bad have made us sad. This is all because of thinking. Our thinking does not bring us happiness and happiness. We do not know what to look for, only to find out. We are not taking what is in us. Let us not rejoice over the things we have, we are grieving the search.

There are millions of eyes in the world today, no matter how many hands or feet, how many deaths are spreading in bed. We have eyes, hands and feet, a healthy life. But we are saddened by how much the non-existent ones are enjoying. The difference is that they understand life, enjoy what is there, but we are not able to enjoy our thinking about finding something that is not. Let's learn to enjoy, to enjoy. Let us seek happiness and peace within ourselves, within families, within society.

Have a normal mobile set of two thousand, or a hundred thousand iPhone . The job of both is to communicate. But we do not have a good mobile, can buy, we are upset that someone gave.Option in many millions of mobile phones. But it depends on how much he needs.

One dollar clock and one hundred dollar diamond connected watch, both clock giving, is the time. Rotation is only 24 hours. Expensive watches can't make 25 hours, stretching 1 hour. Both are the same time to give. The clock only gives time but we have to reach the designated time and place. The clock is not up, we are unable to reach the job.

The wealthiest people in the world are Will Gates, or someone who is powerful enough to get all the time, only 24 hours a day. Imagine how busy they may be, but we are busier. Because our lives are messy. He whose life is a mess is busy. Gates have managed time well, we are not done. We must pick up as many mobiles as we can, such as whether we are attending an important meeting or not, and wherever we are called.

We show unnecessary busyness about what to say. Not only does this make life difficult, stressful, worrying and miserable, it also causes disturbance and stress in the family. We are just scared. What happens if I don't get there? Does the program fail? What am i doing Why am i doing Who is this time and work for me? What is the result of this? Let's evaluate. Let's go. Let's manage the time right. Remember to spend 24 hours planning and not running. So it's not important to have 10 places in one day, it's important that I give the time.

Look within yourself - what's going on inside the mind? Am I happy, calm or not? Let's see. Look out - there is disturbance outside, there is distortion like robbery, robbery, rape, black market. It makes us sad if we forget the inside and think the outside only.

We begin to examine everything, events, aspects, negative aspects of a person, dig deep into them, make different estimates. And accordingly we will express the expression and the karma. You blame others, you think that you are full of wisdom. Above all, we are enjoying the ego, the ego.

Just as the shrimp rests on the wound, our intelligence is focused only on bad and negative thoughts. With such thinking, we are inviting bad things in our lives and life is getting worse. Its remedy is to not worry about something you do not see or see. Let's just enjoy Life is as it seems. Think good, be good

We have not been able to show the things, the abilities, the happiness, the happiness within us. By doing this, we are not broken again, it is our nature and culture to be broken. The way of thinking and speaking style is distorted. It is necessary to improve thinking, thinking. Of changes in nature and culture.

Today, as the car and its parts change, we can neither change our body parts, nor do we have wives, husbands, children, parents, brothers and sisters. Only we can change our thinking, nature, culture. In the meantime, positive thoughts, good natures and cultures provide happiness, peace, happiness, happiness. It is not possible to go to the shop and buy 1kg of happiness, 2k of happiness, 5k of peace, because we have financial ability. And, don't even have to buy it. If we are to change our thinking, we cannot gain it from ourselves. Change of thinking can change not only ourselves, but also family, society, nation and world. In this case it is not possible.

Along with the management of every work time, change of positive thinking, temperament and culture can be achieved by happiness, peace, prosperity, happiness, love, happiness. We need to be able to control these things within ourselves. By gradually developing positive thinking power, happiness comes into our lives and makes us successful and happy. The main source of all this is Yoga Meditation. So start doing it yourself, from today.

Who wouldn't want to feel happy and happy? But, intentionally, we are doing things that make us anxious and not happy. Those who always want to be happy can be very comfortable following these tips.

Do not try to change others

It is not necessary that all people are the same as you. There may be different people in your life who do not like you, or they treat you disagreeably. Let them stay that way, do not move forward with the resolve to change.

Don't think everything is perfect

Sometimes we think, if it had been so, it would have been better if it had been so. We seek the 'perfection' of everything. Such thinking is necessary. Everything may not always be perfect, it may not make sense to make it perfect.

Don't forget your needs

At times, we may forget about our own needs in the cycle of meeting the needs of friends, family, and relatives. Forgetting your own needs and desires is to make yourself sad. Begin to prioritize your desires for happiness.

Stop lying to yourself

This is a topic repeatedly called. However, we are rarely able to succeed. However, if you want to be happy and happy, you need to stop lying to yourself. Even more, our lives are happier if we stop lying for ever. Do not try to be like others

You're just as good as you are. Do your job as you think. Impersonating others can make you sad. Be happy with what you are like.

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