How to Have Sex for the First Time ?

Agency । There has recently been a study on how much time to wait before having sex for the first time. The results of the same study are discussed here.

Do not rush to have sex:

If you are boneheaded or anxious about having sex, this can be understood as your deformed mentality. Even if you do not show initiative or desire for sex for a long time, you can still be portrayed as a shy person. Therefore, studies show that taking appropriate steps at the appropriate time for sex will make the relationship lasting and enjoyable.

In a survey by Online Medical Consultation Service, participants were asked the question of how long a couple should wait before having sex for the first time. The result of the study was as follows.

From one week to one month:

Seventy-five percent of the survey participants said it took them a week to a month to have a physical relationship with a partner.

Waiting from 2 to 6 months:

A thousand American and European couples participated in the survey. Of those, 21 percent said it took them 2 to 6 months for first time to have sexual contact with a partner.

Waiting pains:

According to experts, the pain and pressure of waiting for a sexual relationship has a profound effect on the couple. Because a decision that is considered right for one may not be right for another. 

The ideal time for sexual contact:

Experts say that sex depends on the full judgment of both men. However, before making a physical relationship, it is considered good for both men and women to take some time to understand each other only after having understood each other. But that may not apply to everyone. In some cases, waiting times can have the opposite effect.

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