How To Make Money From Facebook ? Effective Ways...

It's a matter of hearing that we all make money from YouTube. There is a widespread rumor that Facebook is making money these days. Let's see what is true and how to do it.

Facebook is the number one social network in the world. It has more than 1.3 billion users worldwide. Most of its users open Facebook once a day. So Facebook has become an easy way to inform the world about your business, business and product.

Businesses, big and small, are promoting their products on Facebook today. Ads are the posts you see on Facebook as sponsors from a page we didn't like. That is what it looks like only after paying money to Facebook. That's the main source of income for Facebook.

Facebook does not distribute money directly to Facebook for such hours throughout the day.

If you work collaboratively on Facebook's audience network, Facebook directly pays a percentage of its advertiser money.

How to join Facebook's Audience Network?

In order to participate in Facebook's Audience network, you must create a Facebook related product such as a mobile app or instant article. Mobile apps can be earned by making ads on Facebook and making ads appear on their mobile app. For this, the knowledge of making mobile apps and making apps should be new, so that everyone can download and run this application every day.

Likewise, Instant Articles can also earn money from Facebook. Instant Articles are meant to make news links quickly open on Facebook.

For example, opening a news link from Facebook's mobile apps opens up faster than other sites and, like Facebook, there are ads for sponsors. You have writing knowledge on a topic or you can create an instant article by writing news. It's easy too. A website and Facebook page have to be created for this.

How to create a WordPress Website:

Step 1: Choose WordPress as your website platform. ...Step 2: Pick a name for your website, buy a domain & hostingStep 3: Get familiar with the WordPress Step 4: Pick a theme / design for your websiteStep 5: Get plugins to extend your website's abilitiesStep 6: Create basic pagesStep 7: Consider starting a blog

How to create a Facebook page:

You can create a page on Facebook by going to the Page Option of Facebook and filling in the requested details. Creating a page on Facebook or building a website can help YouTube.

You can also create a website and Facebook page by following the video guides that appear on YouTube by searching keywords like How to Create Facebook Page, How to Create Website.

After creating this website and Facebook page, you should make your website an instant article.

How to Create a Website Article:

Signup at then select the Facebook page you created and click on the Access Instant Articles tool.

Now Facebook's publishing tool will open, connect the blog you created from there. After clicking on "Connect Your Site" there, the code inside the angle bracket inside the black box appears, copy it and go to the website and click on the theme.

Then click on Edit HTML. There are many codes that appear, now using the Find option, go to </head> and paste the previously copied code in the top line and click on Save theme.

Now, come back to Facebook and write the URL of your website in the URL and click on the Client URL. Underneath that there is an option called Style, you should upload your website logo. Then, after posting more than 10 news stories or articles along with the feed URL of your website, Facebook can be sent for verification.

After getting your Instant Article Approval from Facebook, you have to put the details of how to get your money in the payout option. Bank account in Nepal can also receive money. If you do not have to fill out your PAN number or tax number when creating a payout account, then a citizenship number or passport number can be kept, an employee of Facebook has written on his blog.

In order to make the ads appear in your Instant Articles you have to make an Adaptation, after placing that code on your website, the money is deposited into your account on the basis of impressions and clicks.

After reaching US $ 100, Facebook deposits the money into your bank account through the Swift system.

From the 40,000 likes Facebook page, an online media operator claims to have earned $ 100 to $ 150 monthly.

Although the method for setting up an instant article is the same, since the content management system used to create the website varies, the CMS you use You can see how to set it up on Google or YouTube.

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