How to read in the exam ?

Now is the season for Exam. Exams are on the way. Regardless of the neglect of the previous, exams are a headache for everyone. Everyone has to pass, so the run begins. Would love to ask for a note with a friend who never speaks. I feel like the teacher had to repeat the embarrassing lesson once. "What questions come up?" After reading each chapter I like to guess. This is the time for cricket / football. Everyone in the neighborhood looks at the noise."How to Be Mindful ?"

Do a lot of reading in less time. If you don't mind what you read, you want to doubt your potential, and then begin to cultivate stress. We want everyone to read through the mind once they read it, but that is not possible. There are very few people who, once read, infiltrate all minds. Each person has their own abilities. Never compare yourself with others. Again, this all depends on our way of reading. We also have a tendency to read simple things, making them difficult. You should be able to ease the embarrassment. A good score can be passed only if a few common things are taken into account.

- Trying to remember or read a book or copy by reading it even when you are reading aloud. That way we can remember what we read while we were walking, eating, or even going to the toilet. If I try to remember something I forgot, I would open the book or copy immediately.

- Once a day (as much as possible evening), meeting close friends and exploring what you read throughout the day. It is said that 80 percent of the knowledge people get by telling others what they know. Doing so reduces the chance of forgetting what you read. It is best to prepare and read a group of like-minded friends.

- Examine what you are reading with the belief that you will get a question in Exam. Some students are found to be negligent in their reading of each topic, saying, 'Do not come from it'.

- Usually, students have the habit of taking exams and taking sleepless nights and studying. If the body does not get enough sleep, then the reading becomes worse. If it is read all night, it is good to go to bed in the afternoon.

- If you have trouble sleeping, do not eat as much as you need. Occasionally wash your face with cold water.Tea or coffee can also be a way to relieve sleep.If you use chocolate or a gum in your mouth while reading, it also reduces the problem of excessive sleepiness.

- If necessary, stick to the wall if visible. Frequently seeing the same thing is always reminiscent of it.

- Read everything you find in a custom formula or in a short-code or code language.

- If you do not enter the mind, do not force it. What better way to do that than to catch up with yourself and take some refreshments for a while. Examination does not mean that you should always have a book in your hand.

- What is our bad habit that we read only on exams. It carries a heavy load. Reading from the beginning to the end, there is no unnecessary load during exams.

- If the eyesight is hurt while watching the book, read with voice and record it on mobile and listen to it frequently. This kind of audio book can also be heard while walking out.

- Not too stressful. We don't want to fail. That is the main cause of stress. Failing on one test can not save a life. Sometimes, even with failure, a lot can be learned. At least the importance of passing is known. So let's not be afraid of failing.

- Subin

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