India closed today, accusing Modi government of being anti-labor

Indian trade unions on Wednesday announced the 'India closed', saying the Modi government has brought "anti-labor policy". The closure has affected people's lives in different states.

The 10 central trade unions have announced a general strike in front of the Union Labor Minister, demanding 14 points. Trade unions claim to have 25 million workers participating in the strike.
Though protests have been made for the rights of workers, protesters in different states have put their own demands. For example, in the northeastern states, there have been slogans against citizenship laws and voices have been raised against the attack on a JNU student in Delhi.

Demonstrators also blocked rail service. Indian media was also affected due to the workers' strike as banks were closed, media reported.

The strike also includes banking sector employees as well as insurance sector employees. Communist and Congress leaders have also been seen on the streets.

What are the demands of labor?

Labor leaders, who have announced the closure of India, demand that unemployment be ended, minimum wage fixed and social security provided.

It has been demanded that the minimum wage of the workers be Rs.

The workers have accused the Modi government of being anti-labor. The Modi government has recently opposed the 'Industrial Relations Code Bill', saying it was in favor of the employer and against the workers.

"This government wants to make the workers a bonded laborer, quoting Tapan Sen, secretary general of the Federation of Trade Unions of India, as the BBB wrote, 'This is a government of industrialists.'

On the other hand, the RSS affiliated with RSS has not participated in the closure of India. Union leader Bridges Upadhyay has said, "This is a political strike between the Congress and the Left."

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