'Iran' airplane crash: 1 hundred 76 people were dead

Photo: Agency

At least 176 people were dead when a plane crashed in the Iranian capital of Tehran.

International media quoted Iranian media as saying the passengers were all killed in the crash. One hundred 67 passengers and nine crew members were dead in the plane crash, citing Ali Khashani of the airport's senior public relations office, Press TV said.

According to the International News Agency Reuters, Ukraine International Airlines' Baing-737 aircraft crashed shortly after flying at the Imam Khamenei airport. Earlier, the Iranian media reported that there were one hundred and 80 passengers on the plane.

Earlier, according to Iran's NGO Red Crescent, the chances of any passenger surviving in the crash were minimal.

According to the Iranian news agency Force, the plane crashed due to technical problems. Earlier in the report, it was reported that the airplane was going to Kiev, the capital of Ukraine.

Immediately after the accident, rescuers were sent to the accident site. "The airplane is on fire, we can probably save some passengers," Pirhusan Kulivand, head of Iran's emergency services, told the news agency Reuters.

Even before this, the Baing Company has lost many lives due to a plane crash. After the accident, the Baing Company raised questions about the airplane.

The accident occurred due to technical disturbance of the aircraft. But the tension between the United States and Iran over the accident has also been compounded.

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