Lenovo's new X1 Carbon and X1 Yoga support Amazon Alexa and Dolby Vision HDR

Lenovo has announced its ThinkPad X1 Carbon Laptop and X1 Sum convertible update, bumping the processors to 8th-gen Kaby Lake on each model and adding universal USB-C charging capability. But there's a couple of new features that we're seeing for the first time on laptops here at CES 2018 at: Amazon's Alexa Voice Assistant, and support for the Dolby Vision HDR format.

Both laptops have far-field microphones to enable Alexa, meaning you should be able to talk to them from across the room. A separate feature lets you wake the laptop up with your voice. One caveat: Alexa won’t be available on the X1 machines at launch, instead coming with a software update some time in the first half of 2018.

Dolby Vision support is a first for PCs, but it’ll also only come with a future software update. It is, of course, also dependent on compatible content and services, so you may need to wait for providers like Netflix to add specific support for Dolby Vision on Windows 10. Lenovo isn’t saying anything about the possibility of HDR10 support.

What I can say, though, is that both X1 machines look great with HDR content. In the Dolby Vision encoded image and video side by side comparisons, the new screens were much more vibrant and dynamic. Unfortunately Lenovo no longer offers the OLED option on the X1 Yoga - a company representative said the battery life was too big to hit, and we found similar in our review - but HDR could go some way to that loss. At least when you're watching movies, anyway.

The X1 Carbon and X1 Yoga are both available this month from $ 1,709 and $ 1,889. As already mentioned, you will have to wait for software updates to enable the new software features.

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