Stress in the Middle East: How Powerful Is Iran? (#IranAttacks)

Iran's missile defense system.

The political situation in the Middle East has worsened after the assassination of Qasim Sulaimani, the leading military commander identified as the powerful man after the Iranian supreme leader Ayatollah Khomeini. Relations between the two countries have become even more strained after Iran launched a missile attack on the US military base in Iraq.

Suleimani was assassinated by unmanned airstrikes by US troops on Friday, killing his top diplomatic officers, planning a terrorist attack in New Delhi and London cities of India. Since then, the situation in the Middle East has become abnormal. Sulaimani was a military commander looking at Iran's Middle Eastern country.

Many have suspected that the world would be pushed into a serious war because of Iran's response to the assassination of Solomon and the response of US President Donald Trump to it. Some have even disputed the Third World War debate on this phenomenon. Meanwhile, Iran has launched a missile attack on the Iraqi military base on Tuesday night.

Wave after the murder of Solomon

Iran has declared the US Defense Ministry Pentagon and US military a terrorist following the assassination of Solomon. The price of the head of US President Donald Trump is also set.

Iranian military commander Qasim Sulaimani, who killed in US raid

Earlier on Monday, Iran had decided to withdraw from the 2015 nuclear deal. Members of the Iranian parliament on Tuesday unanimously approved a proposal to declare the US military and the Pentagon a terrorist. Iran has since attacked the US military base in Iraq. Iraq has also called for the withdrawal of US troops from their country.

A red flag has been hoisted on Iran's historic Jamkarn mosque on Saturday morning after Suleimani was killed. The flagging of the red flag at the mosque means that the war on justice is being declared by international media, according to international media.

Iran's Press TV reports that at least 25 people were killed when they fled during the funeral of Sulaimani on Tuesday.

Germany has called back its troops from Iraq in view of possible tensions. The German military's headquarters cited the German Defense Ministry as having withdrawn troops in temporary camps in Iraq, CNN reported. About 35 soldiers from Baghdad and Taji are reported to have moved to Kuwait and Jordan.

Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, is crying after Qasim Suleimani
was killed 

Likewise, on Tuesday Britain, Germany and France have an emergency meeting in Brussels on the same topic. According to British Foreign Secretary Dominic Rab, international relations were discussed in Brussels on Tuesday between their French and German counterparts in the US and Iran.

Justification for nuclear deal dismissal

Iran, agitated with Suleimani's assassination, announced that the 2015 nuclear weapons deal had been terminated. The agreement was signed in 2015 between six major countries under the initiative of the then US President Barack Obama.

According to the agreement, Iran mentioned that it would be able to spend uranium only for fuel and not to build nuclear weapons. The agreement was signed by Britain, the United States, France, China, Russia, Germany and Iran.

The agreement said Iran would not spend more than 3.67 percent of its uranium. According to the agreement, Iran could not manufacture nuclear weapons until 2031.

Iran is still ranked as one of the top 10 countries in nuclear weapons to power. However, nobody knows how many nuclear weapons he has.

In 2007, a report by the US intelligence agency CIA noted that Iran had begun producing nuclear weapons in sharp numbers. Then the United States, including the United States, fell into Iran. Accordingly, the agreement was signed in 2015 with Owama's initiative.

But Iran, now angry with the killing of its influential leader, has announced withdrawal from the deal. Following Iran's decision, countries such as Britain, France, Japan, and emergency meetings have discussed how to resolve this mismatch between Iran and the United States.

Iran has formally stated that it will now "promote uranium weapons without any restrictions". However, Iran has said it will continue its support to the UN's nuclear weapons monitoring agency.

How powerful is Iran?

Iran is a powerful country in terms of uranium. Uranium is used for two purposes. It is also used to make a nuclear power and a nuclear bomb.

Iranian Army

Iran has wanted to build nuclear bombs at high speed since 2008/09. However, due to various agreements, he was not able to build a weapon as easily as he thought. However, the 2015 agreement terminated his visit.

Israel did not recognize this agreement well. Even with Trump's close relationship with the US and Trump, about 2,000 kilometers from Iran, the Trumps did not approve of the deal. He criticized the deal as soon as he was elected president. They believe the deal will not solve Iran's problems in the long term.

Iran's Dageful Ballistic Missile, launched in 2019, is expected to attack up to 600 miles. Although Iran is not sure how many other nuclear weapons it has, it is not.

Now what would happen?

The situation has now become much more complicated after Iran launched a missile attack on the US military base in return for the killing of Sulaimani.

US President Donald Trump.

If Iran or the United States wage war, it will have a serious impact on Iran. It may even cause the United States to suffer losses.

International media have reported that the United States alone has spent $ 5.9 trillion on wars in various Middle Eastern countries since 2001. In the present case, if a war with Iran is waged, the United States is likely to spend the same. Therefore, the United States does not see a state of immediate war.

There are now two powerful nations like Iran and China in favor of Iran. The most important aspect of the China-Iran relationship is Beijing's oil imports. From September 2017 to September 2018 alone, China imported at least 630 thousand barrels of oil daily from Iran. Likewise, Iran has good relations with China and Russia due to various investments and cooperation.

Now the world is curious about what Iran will do. Does Iran announcing revenge directly invade the United States or does the US ally invade other countries? Is interested in many. Even after Tuesday's announcement of terrorism to the US military from parliament and Tuesday night's missile attack, interest in Iran's further attacks has grown.

Israel has long been skeptical of the Iranian invasion. The US is also investing $ 49 billion in Israel financially. Likewise, Israelis have $ 24 billion investment in the United States.

According to international media, Iran has begun discussing possible ways to attack countries such as Saudi Arabia, Israel and the UAE, assassinate US top diplomatic officials, attack cyber or attack US oil tankers.

The United States said that it had killed its top official after the assassination of Suleimani. It also confirms that US top diplomatic officials are insecure from Iran.

Similarly, on the world's busiest maritime route, the State of Hormuz, Iran is much easier for Iran to attack the US or its ally ships. Iran has been assessed to do obstruction, missile strikes, and even capture. That is why US President Trump has repeatedly warned Iran to exercise restraint, saying that it is targeting 52 places in Iran.

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