Why Divorce Happens?

Divorce has been increasing for us for some time now. The well-to-do celebrity couples got separated. Even some couples who have raised children decided to separate.

Divorce is not a compromise in itself. Not a problem either. However, it does cause problems. When spouses are separated, they do not have to suffer the consequences. The biggest impact is on children's psychology. Babies are more likely to become distracted after losing their parents or guardianship during childhood. They can be unstable and frightened. They may develop into inferiority.

Why do you divorce?

Divorce was not strange. When there is a situation where spouses cannot move forward together, they decide to separate. Such decisions will relieve the toll of their transient problems.

In fact, couples are mutual trust. Partners of each other's grief. Are the pillars of each other's love and trust. It is through this love, trust, trust, kinship, understanding, and understanding that the couple is lasting. Sweet.

If the relationship between husband and wife is smooth and lasting, then their home life will be happy. Not only that, their children, their offspring, their friends, the bonds of the society are strengthened. In our scriptures, husband and wife are wise. Maintain an atmosphere of trust. Children's happiness is a great achievement in itself.

When it comes to coldness in relationships

However, sometimes the relationship between the couple is not as smooth as it used to be. Some things are not compatible between spouses. Votes do not match. Living together does not alter family rhythms, conflict between each other, distrust, disturbances, and marital problems.

Different kinds of problems can lead to divorce. In such a situation, couples separate from the promise of 'living together, dying together'. Their love breaks The physical distance increases. What it does is that both of them have bad stumbling blocks in their home lives.

Side effects of divorce

Because after getting divorced, it takes time to reorganize your life. It is difficult to establish in society. Children, on the other hand, have to suffer the greatest shock. Young children should be punished with no guilt.

When parents are separated, they lose their guardianship. Mothers do not receive fatherly love. There is compulsion to hide one's face in front of friends. The site effects of divorce are many.

When a relationship breaks down, it has a negative effect.

1. The rhythm of a husband's life deteriorates. Miss each other and support.

2. Mental trauma occurs. It is difficult to reinstate oneself in society as soon as a relationship is broken. In stressful days, days should pass.

3. Many difficulties and difficulties arise in order to start another couple's life again.

4. There should be a lot of problems when financially dividing. You may have to deal with poverty and poverty.

5. Children, family, relatives, relatives etc. should suffer. Even more so for children, they have to go through extreme pain.

6. Children lose guardianship. Parental protection, love, and affection are lost.

7. Children are frightened, anxious.

8. Children develop disillusionment, which causes them to fear even criminal attitudes.

9. After divorcing, it is time to start a new marriage or to re-establish a separate marriage.

10. In front of friends, relatives, etc., bow the head.

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